Petrina Quinn :: Services


Specific services include:

  • Web-based survey, analysis and reporting
  • Community consultations/engagement including surveying
  • Stakeholder research
  • Product research
  • Program and project evaluations
  • Project and contract management including risk assessment
  • Strategic planning and policy development
  • Performance reporting
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Media support &
  • Event management.


Qualitative data collection and analysis including:

  • Focus group discussions
  • Individual/paired in-person interviews
  • Phone interviews
  • Web-based Qualitative surveys
  • Web-based content spaces (forums, blogs, etc).

Quantitative data collection and analysis including:

  • Web-based quantitative surveys
  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews
  • Email-based surveys
  • Web-site intercept surveys ("pop-ups") and
  • Multi-variate analysis techniques and modeling.